Strike a Chord: How music enhances brand communication

Everybody acknowledges that music can be a powerful tool for advertising. Working at a subtle, almost subliminal level, music can trigger an emotional response.

This study confirms that consistent use of brand music can be one of the most effective tools for advertiser brands and can be implemented in any medium that uses sound.

  • Agencies and clients acknowledge the subtle power of music but lack a common language about how to harness that power
  • This study shows that ads which use music strategically score more highly across a range of measures than ads that do not feature any music and those that use music tactically
  • This is true at the explicit level (people scoring the ads for like-ability) but also for brain response at the implicit level measured using EEG tests (beta-gamma brain wave activation)
  • This endorses the IPA Databank findings – ad campaigns that use music achieve better results across a wide range of success metrics, including sales
  • Semiotic analysis reveals how music conveys strong rational and emotional associations for brands