About RadioMedia and commercial radio in Finland

RadioMedia ry is the umbrella organization for Finnish commercial radios.

RadioMedia represents almost all holders of Finnish private radio licenses. The members are 25 companies with a total of 47 national and regional or local radio licenses. The members represents almost 100% of the turnover of the commercial radio industry.

RadioMedia is responsible for advocacy, research and information services, and marketing of the commercial radio industry.

RadioMedia is a non-profit organization funded partly by membership fees and partly by governmental and social communications announcements.

RadioMedia’s task is to promote and monitor the operating conditions of commercial radio in Finland, as well as to participate in discussions concerning the industry and to influence legislation in the field. RadioMedia is a member of the Association of European Radios (AER). AER includes some 5000 radio stations from EU Member States and Switzerland. RadioMedia’s CEO Stefan Möller is the president of AER for the fifth term.

In its role as an radio industry expert, RadioMedia provides its members with comprehensive and objective information about the radio industry.

RadioMedia strives to promote the industry’s image and the level of radio advertising, and it organizes the commercial radio industrys main events each year like the Radio Awards event called RadioGaala and the best radio commercials competition called Kaiku.

Commercial radio in Finland

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RadioMedia, Finland
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