Radio advertising 100 years – podcast series


Radio advertising has just turned 100 years. To commemorate this milestone, RadioMedia Finland has produced a podcast series showcasing and remembering some of the greatest radio advertising campaigns of all time.

The series, in English and the first of its kind, shows profoundly how radio advertising has evolved through the decades. It also gives food for thought and inspiration for anyone involved in commercial radio today.

Radio Advertising 100 Years podcast series features campaigns from brands like Budweiser, Monty Python and Philips and, yes, also that first ever radio ad. It consists of six episodes, each about 3-4 minutes in lenght and one 22 minute version containing all the episodes.

The series can be broadcast in series or in its entity and/or used as a sales or a teaching tool. It can also be used just as a source of inspiration or as a dive to the interesting history of advertising… or, if nothing else, just as entertainment because, we promise, it will give anyone a good laugh.

The series is free for you to use and can now be downloaded here:

Radio Advertising 100 Years podcast series / information:
Length: six episodes, total length 21:46
Producer: RadioMedia Finland 2023
Speaker: Rich Lyons
Script: Mikko Siukosaari